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27.04.23 - Small Talk

Systems Design, UX, and much more (Greek)

Small Talk (Mikri Kouventa)
20.07.21 - Tech Circus

UX Strategy

Dimitris Niavis, Lead UX/Product Designer, ANIXE
Joeri Kiekebosch, Strategic Design Director, AKQA
Melanie Gorka, Service Designer & Design Research, AKQA
Tuğba E., UX Strategist, SHERPA Experience Design Studio
Brad Swain, Chief Behavioural Scientist, Next Step

Panel host: Helena Hill

UX strategy event by Tech Circus
20.04.21 - Data Driven Chat

UX Design and Behavioural Data Science

In this episode of Data Driven Chat, Ganna Pogrebna interviews Dimitris Niavis (Senior UX Designer,  Co-Founder of Seque) on the recent developments in #UXdesign. What is the difference between user interface and user experience? How can #behaviouralscience and behavioural #data be integrated into UX design? What are the common mistakes that are usually made by companies (and even sectors) in this domain? Is there a trade-off between #UX design and #privacy? How can we make sure that UX design is based on behavioural data which is collected in #responsible and ethical way? How to best integrate #AI into UX design?

UX Design and Behavioural data science
22.02.21 - Delta CX Podcast

Data Driven vs Data Informed

Join Dimitris Niavis to discuss the potential dangers of being data driven. And bring a cake because it's our 100th live streamed podcast episode! Warning: this episode heavily features cake, but also actionable advice about data, research, and collaboration.

Data-driven VS Data-informed
17.06.2020 - SAE Institute

Shared Understanding

Engage your stakeholders, build trust, and create useful software

Shared understanding


18.01.2021 - UX Matters

Potential Dangers of Becoming Data Driven

19.10.2020 - UX Design Collective

Engage your stakeholders to build useful software

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