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" I had the pleasure of working with Dimitris when he served as the Head of UX at Anixe. During our time working together, I found him to be an intelligent and autonomous professional who was able to foster a productive and enjoyable working environment.

Dimitris was a valuable asset to our team, demonstrating an ability to take ownership of his work and consistently deliver high-quality results. His exceptional skills and collaborative mindset made him a natural leader, and he was able to inspire and motivate our team to achieve great things.

Any team would undoubtedly benefit from his inspiring energy and exceptional abilities. "

Alexandros Pappas
CTO - Anixe

" II had the privilege of working with Dimitris at ANIXE, where he excelled as a Head of UX. A brilliant, driven individual, he inspired and led the team with his deep knowledge and expertise. Dimitris consistently delivered exceptional results with his meticulous attention to detail and ability to translate really complex concepts into intuitive designs/solutions. His inclusive leadership style created a collaborative work environment. I highly recommend him as a valuable asset for any organization in need of a talented and visionary UX professional. "

Xanthippi Kalakani
People Ops Manager- Anixe

" I've had the pleasure to work with Dimitris during his time at OCL, where he was responsible for parts of the UX & Product design work. Dimitris has a thoughtful approach to UX which has helped the team a lot, encouraging them to think about the user first and how (s)he interacts with the app/software. Dimitris brings a holistic approach to his work, considering not only the aspects he's directly responsible for - infusing his design work with the values and vision of the company, but also its effect on how users perceive the brand/the company, the work we do as a team. Dimitris understands that for a small team, speed is of the essence, and will iterate quickly on work, keen to get feedback (as well as giving it) and will work relentlessly to get the job done. His work is of a high standard, and I can thoroughly recommend him to anyone looking for hire him for UX and Product design work!"

Serge Acker
CEO - One-Click Licence