About Dimitris

UX/Product Designer

I’m a systems thinker who designs products and services.
I’ve built and led teams of designers and researchers.Have won awards for both digital and physical product designs.

My approach is evidence-based, and informed by 10+ years in the field. Working as an employee in startups, SMEs, as well as corporations, having co-founded a startup, and working as a consultant have led me to wear many hats, and have a better understanding of the complexities of running a successful business.

I understand that innovation and great UX don’t happen in a vacuum, and it’s not a one-person show. This is why I partner up with Product Managers and Tech Leads to create technology-enabled, useful products/services.

I create elegant solutions to complex problems.

Professional Experience


June 2023 - Present

Principal UX/Product Designer

- Led UX initiatives for tech startups and SMEs, focusing on creating long-term strategic impacts and user-centered designs
- Pioneered advanced interaction designs and developed North Star concepts to guide product vision


July 2022 - May 2023

Principal UX/Product Designer

- Worked in collaboration with the management of the company to define and adapt the product and company vision and strategy
- Mapped the current (and future) systems of the company in order to clarify and align stakeholders on their purpose, state, effort to change/update, and their contributions to the company goals. Also, defined UX success criteria, and worked with senior management to define the business success criteria
- Created the end-to-end, as-is customer journey maps & prepared the future states
- Started the Derecho design system from scratch. Used to redesign the mobile apps (android and iOS) as well as the web apps of the company.
- Worked with the devs of the team to help implement and use it as intended
- Redesigned the onboarding process of new devices (IoT web3-ready weather stations)
- Created a system to map and handle API and app errors and communicate them to users, support team, and devs
- Created an AR (augmented reality) web tool to help educate users on the proper installation of their weather stations. This helps solve one of the biggest problems a weather network can have, bad data
- Worked with the weather research, UX research, data science, and community teams to redesign the apps and create mobile app widgets for Android and iOS
- Designed the UX strategy, flows and UI for an IoT stack with a small LCD display linked to the weather stations
- Mentored members of the team about UX

UX Greece

Novermber 2021 - Present

Co-Founder & Co-Host

UX Greece is a quarterly online event that aims to connect UX pioneers with the local communities in Greece and EMEA regions. It is a free for all event by design, as we wanted to help others learn, network, and do our part to help increase the UX maturity in the market

Notable guests: Jaime Levy, Louis Rosenfeld, Kara Pernice, Brian T. O’Neill, David Bland, Indi Young, Peter Merholz, Angelos Arnis


September 2021 - July 2022

Head of UX

- Defining and consolidating the UX processes across the org.
- Introducing and integrating UX research as an integral part of the way the org operates
- Working closely with CEO and Product to define strategy, drive alignment, and transform the org towards customer-centricity
- Setting up the UX research modus operandi and defining the structure of the company's research repository (structure and document everything from research questions and plan, down to nuggets of insights)
- Growing the team, both in numbers and in capabilities. Started as a team of 5
- Setting goals for the UX team and individual members working embedded in product teams.
- Implementing a standardized UX measurement scheme across all product modules to study the perceived usefulness over time
- Hands on work leading one of three product clusters of the company

June 2021 - September 2021

Lead UX/Product Designer

- Architecting one of the most advanced transfer planning platforms SaaS for B2B in the travel industry. An end-to-end solution that simplifies and streamlines the process of creating and managing transfer services across multiple locations around the globe
- Worked with internal and external stakeholders to define and frame the problem
- Tested hypotheses with actual users in multiple locations and different continents around the world
- Responsible for hiring and mentoring a small team in the company offices in Athens

September 2019 - June 2021

Senior UX/Product Designer

- Working on the digital transformation of one of the biggest bed-banks in the Middle East and Europe
- Mapping the current company ecosystem, departments, processes, and their relationships
- Responsible for conducting research with stakeholders, users, and redesigning the Back-Office system
- Early concept, interactive testing with stakeholders and users to test assumptions and figure out better solutions before we commit to coding
- Helped to establish a design language and improve the designer/developer relations


February 2019 - April2022

Co-Founder & UX/Product Designer

Seque is an iOS app that helps people to plan, focus, and optimize their time so that they can get more done in less time.I worked on the end-to-end experience. Started with discovery interviews with 22 people from our target audience to test our hypothesis for the need of such a product. Did the initial designs, tested them with users for usability, findability, and understandability. Designed  and coded the website of the app. Last but not least, defined the metrics we cate  for and set up the analytics to keep an eye on these.

Niavis Design

December 2009 - September 2019

Founder & UX/Product Designer

Worked with startups and SMEs to position, define, and develop their Brand. Helped to align the UX of their product/services to their Brand so that it forms a consistent whole. Designed corporate websites, mobile and web apps

One-Click Licence

September 2016 - December 2018

UX/Product Designer

Worked as part of an international, highly-skilled, cross-functional team and designed three mobile apps, consumer-facing websites for two of the company's products, and a developer documentation website for the tech that was built. Worked closely with developers across product iterations. Designed and prototyped websites using HTML/CSS.

Social Proof

Testimonial Samples

" I had the pleasure of working with Dimitris when he served as the Head of UX at Anixe. During our time working together, I found him to be an intelligent and autonomous professional who was able to foster a productive and enjoyable working environment.

Dimitris was a valuable asset to our team, demonstrating an ability to take ownership of his work and consistently deliver high-quality results. His exceptional skills and collaborative mindset made him a natural leader, and he was able to inspire and motivate our team to achieve great things.

Any team would undoubtedly benefit from his inspiring energy and exceptional abilities. "

Alexandros Pappas
CTO - Anixe

" II had the privilege of working with Dimitris at ANIXE, where he excelled as a Head of UX. A brilliant, driven individual, he inspired and led the team with his deep knowledge and expertise. Dimitris consistently delivered exceptional results with his meticulous attention to detail and ability to translate really complex concepts into intuitive designs/solutions. His inclusive leadership style created a collaborative work environment. I highly recommend him as a valuable asset for any organization in need of a talented and visionary UX professional. "

Xanthippi Kalakani
People Ops Manager- Anixe

" I've had the pleasure to work with Dimitris during his time at OCL, where he was responsible for parts of the UX & Product design work. Dimitris has a thoughtful approach to UX which has helped the team a lot, encouraging them to think about the user first and how (s)he interacts with the app/software. Dimitris brings a holistic approach to his work, considering not only the aspects he's directly responsible for - infusing his design work with the values and vision of the company, but also its effect on how users perceive the brand/the company, the work we do as a team. Dimitris understands that for a small team, speed is of the essence, and will iterate quickly on work, keen to get feedback (as well as giving it) and will work relentlessly to get the job done. His work is of a high standard, and I can thoroughly recommend him to anyone looking for hire him for UX and Product design work!"

Serge Acker
CEO - One-Click Licence

Awards & Accomplishments

Indigo Design Award


Silver Award - Mobile Apps

Seque iOS

Apple App Store

Promoted & Featured

Promoted on Apple AppStore Twitter Account


Promoted Apple AppStore on Facebook Page


Featured on the AppStore "Apps We Love" Section

Seque iOS - Featured on 86 countries world wide

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Education & Certifications

Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g)

October 2020

UX Master Certification

- UX research specialisation
- Interaction design specialisation
- UX management specialisation

Credential ID 1020584

University of the Aegean

September 2005 - September 2013

Product and Systems Design Engineering

Integrated master of engineering (Beng + Meng)

- Major in product design
- Minor in service design

Projects & Case Studies

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